Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Old Friend Returns

In 1998, I gave up caffeine - what was I thinking???

Over the past few month's I've introduced caffeine into my diet. My delivery vehicle of choice - diet Pepsi/Coke. There's nothing quite like that early morning burn on the back of the throat to get the day going. It seems to help, particularly with the post lunch yawnies.

No real changes in my sleeping patterns. I'm still getting the usual 5-6 hours a night and that seems to be good enough. Now that it's winter time (if you can call it winter here in N. California), it's harder to get out of bed because of the cold than it is due to being too tired.

As far as the physical recovery goes, there has been some minor progress over the past month:

  1. The spongy teeth feeling when I bite down is starting to diminish
  2. Upper teeth and gums starting to feel less wooden
  3. Upper gums and roof of mouth still numb, but some feeling starting to return
  4. While I can chew most things, softer foods are easier to eat and still preferred
  5. Weight returned to pre-surgery numbers (major bummer)
  6. Lower lip and chin still numb.
  7. Consistent "pussy" drainage in right sinus (this has been ongoing since the surgery) and does not go away with antibiotics

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